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deviation in storage by samusmmx
deviation in storage by samusmmx






Douglas: Hey people! this is the first that people actually wanted to make a club about me and Signas.. Right, Signas?
Signas: Ha! Yeah, it is a first. I guess that someone actually like us. That's so nice of them.
Douglas: Ahh well.. Anyone wants to join in here? We need some popularity, since that after the video game of MegaMan X6, I got placed in the backburner and disappeared! That really sucks! *cries* It's not fair!
Signas: *pats Douglas on his back gently* I feel so sorry for you, Douglas.. At least, I'm still in the games.
Douglas: *sighs sadly* Yeah.. Well, Come on in! Let's all have fun and enjoy this place! We'll let the founder of this club talk now.. So, let's get going.
Signas: Alright, we'll all see you later!
*both Signas and Douglas leaves, to go back to work*

Welcome to Signas and Douglas fan club. This club is exclusive for fans who like Signas and Douglas or viseversa. If you like to become a member of this fan club, here's the indications you have to do:

About joining this club
1 - Ask this question to yourself.
:bulletred: Are you a fan of just Signas?
:bulletred: Are you a fan of just Douglas?
:bulletred: Are you a fan of both of them?
2 - Just submit a join request to become a member, and you'll be a member.

About submitting artwork
1 - Just submit your pictures into the favorites, and it'll be up in the favorites; after you've become a member.

About Affiliating
1 - Send a note to the club, that you want to affiliate on this club.

Members of this club( this is no longer official, but it's still here though )
Founder - Soldjermon

Admin - Hellblaze

Pure Douglas fans

Pure Signas fans

Both Signas and Douglas fans
Soldjermon mithrandirff7 ZiaLightheart Hellblaze KaitlinEXE

:iconvampire-x-club: :iconrockmanpm:

Douglas: *comes back* oh yeah! since that the founder had set up this club for me and Signas, the reason why, is because to see if there is any true fans of me and Signas! see you all later! *leaves again*
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Actauly it is. And yes while it indeed was Chief with Arby, it wasn't meant to repisent the whole gaysexuality jsut two fictional people. How am I a lair? I come from the Netherlands, we speak Dutch here, that dosnt mean I can't speak English. I am not attacking the guy. Did I say "MINOR IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND SHOULD DIE THE GAY SCUM!!!" no I never did. And in your eyes I am an evil scumbag, shouldn't you grow up too and realize people like me (or atleast how you view me)  are a waste of your time? The reason I commented on this blog was becease I wanted to clear things up, but apreantly you think all people who dont share your view are evil. And btw if your right then every movie reviewer and lets player is also stealing.

And again I feel sorry for Minor.

PS I am posting it here becease clearly you can't take it when people disagree with you. Mabey you should leave the internet and the real world aswell
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